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Rainbow MagicLand a sea of attractions and many promotions for you!

A little over A month since the opening of the great amusement park Rainbow MagicLand for visitors are prepared many news and promotions.
First opening time is extended until 23 with the ability to enjoy fully the attractions thanks to the magic of the night-time illuminations.
Marriage between Miragica also the “land of giants” in Molfetta (Bari) and Rainbow MagicLand. Who subscribes to a subscription to Rainbow MagicLand can enter at Miragica only 1 euro, while subscribers to join Rainbow

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Renovation of a loft with a plant complex

The study has renovated a YLAB Arquitectos apartment in an old building in Barcelona, which presented different challenges, given the plant native rather complex.
100 square meters long but shallow, with only two seats facing the outside edge, are not easy to manage: the problem was to be able to keep light and ventilation in all environments, from reconfigure according to the needs of the owner, distributing the capabilities in the narrow and long.
The solution consisted in designing an

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Carlo Lucarelli debuted as film director

Carlo Lucarelli, successful writer, motion picture directorial debut with a film from one of his novels: fallen Angel Island, whose shooting will start Monday next to Santa Maria di Galeria, Lazio, Italy.
What will be the place where you will re-create the spectral atmospheres that flit in the book: a detective story that slowly turns into a thriller by the lapels horror, which puts at the heart of the story (which takes place at the time of fascism) an island prison in which mysterious deaths

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Reading glasses for themselves: the vintage Doubleice

We have already had the opportunity to present the Vintage eyewear collection Doubleice, made proposals with that touch of chic and retro that distinguishes them.
Now the brand is also the version from Sun-drenched days as useful in this or the sea while we dedicate ourselves to a relaxing reading.

The vintage style in recent years has established itself in the world of fashion and the call to the past for Doubleice should not neglect the glamour side absolutely that then the trend.
So a lot

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Belen Rodriguez: sexy icona per Miss Sixty rock

Belen Rodriguez we just view all sauces, both naked clothed (in fact most naked clothed), but wearing makeup and decked out like a seventies rock diva just could not imagine: a mostrarcela even in this new version (but always sexy) we thought the Miss Sixty, who once chose the beautiful show-girl argentina as its spokesperson.
The photographs were taken by Ellen Wov Unwerh and serve to advertise the autumn-winter 2011/2012: they Belen let’s flaunt an unprecedented look at the base of fur

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The Beatles back together for the Olympics 2012?

Lately is turning the rumor regarding a future potential (and temporary) Beatles of reunification during the London Olympics of 2012.
Although this may be an unfounded gossip, British tabloids have gi aguzzato ears, trying to investigate the veracity or otherwise of news, which could prove a real bomb.
Specifically, the reunification should cover the “cockroaches” Paul McCartney survivors and Ringo Starr, that will rise on stage together, probably, to the children of the other two former

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A very special meeting room at the DGI-byen in Copenhagen

Within the DGI-byen in Copenhagen, is a very special meeting room, designed by Hvass & Hannibal in collaboration with other artists and designers.
The first feature to hit the eye in this room is color, used in demonstrations and net; the second peculiarity is the decision of imitating the urban landscape and mountain surrounding the DGI-byen with stylized but perfectly understandable.
The mobile colored are reconfigurable to pleasure, thanks to its wheels, and can be further walls (painted

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